Employment Standards Act, 2000

The Employment Standards Act, 2000 is a provincial statute which prescribes the minimum standards applicable to provincially-regulated employees working in Ontario including minimum wage, vacation, vacation pay, public holidays, leaves of absence and entitlements to termination and severance pay. More.

Ontario Human Rights Code

The Ontario Human Rights Code is a provincial statute which provides protection to all individuals in Ontario and in particular prohibits discrimination and harassment in employment related to prohibited grounds of discrimination including race, sex, disability, sexual orientation and age. More.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

The primary role of the Tribunal is to provide an expeditious and accessible adjudicative process by which applications alleging a breach of an individual’s human rights can be resolved. More.

Ontario Human Rights Commission

The Ontario Human Rights Commission works to promote, protect and advance human rights through research, education and policy development. More.

Occupational Health and Safety Act – PDF

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is a provincial statute which prescribes standards and protections with respect to the health and safety of provincially-regulated employees working in Ontario.

Workplace Violence and Harassment

The Occupational Health and Safety Act also includes protections with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace. More.

Canada Labour Code

The Canada Labour Code Code is a federal statute which sets out minimum terms and conditions of employment for employees employed in the federal sector including banks, airlines, broadcasters and inter-provincial transportation. The Canada Labour Code also prescribes standards with respect to health and safety and labour relations in the federal sector. More.