Heeney Vokey LLP’s employment lawyers provide employees with advice in all areas of employment law from their downtown Toronto office.

Our client list has been built almost exclusively from referrals from past clients and other lawyers. We believe that this has occurred as a result of our focus on three things.

First, we ensure that clients fully understand their legal rights and options before they make decisions. This may mean reviewing options with clients more than once to ensure they understand all of the implications of the direction they choose.

Second, we provide timely advice. Due to ever evolving economic pressures we understand matters in employment law are often urgent and decisions weigh heavily on clients. Providing prompt advice and being available for clients is critical when legal advice is sought.

Third, we focus on integrity. There is a balance that needs to be struck between legal rights and good long term business decisions. Not every case is one that should be litigated. Heeney Vokey LLP’s lawyers strive to help clients identify the best long-term decision for them.

Where a case requires litigation, Heeney Vokey LLP has the experience to be exceptional advocates. We also advise clients where litigation is not their best option. It’s this ‘client first’ approach which has helped build our lawyers’ great reputations as trusted advisors.

Our services we assist employee clients with include:

We offer our employee clients an initial consultation at a fixed rate during which we will determine the facts of your circumstances provide you with our initial legal opinion and assist in forming a strategy that is most appropriate for you.

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