Heeney Vokey LLP’s Toronto employment lawyers have a high degree of expertise and understanding in the area of employment standards. Practicing exclusively in employment law, Heeney Vokey LLP’s lawyers have a number of years of experience and familiarity with Ontario and Canada-wide employment standards legislations. Employment standards issues can be complex, and vary based on jurisdiction and statute. A strong and effective advocate, knowledgeable in employment standards legislation and employer obligations, can be a critical asset in this respect.

Employment standards issues in the workplace include those relating to hours of work, minimum wage, terminations, leaves of absence, vacation pay, and overtime. The Employment Standards Act in Ontario provides for the rules and regulations that guide employer obligations with respect to these issues. It is important to contact a lawyer promptly should you feel that your employer is non-compliant with your rights.

While you may have up to two years to bring a claim, it is critical you speak to a lawyer before filing a Ministry of Labour complaint as it may preclude a further civil claim which may be the appropriate forum for your dispute.

Heeney Vokey LLP’s experienced Toronto-based employment lawyers can walk you through your entitlements, and provide a practical solution to your employment standards issues.

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