The Toronto employment lawyers from Heeney Vokey LLP are experienced and knowledgeable advocates in the area of wrongful dismissal actions. Most wrongful dismissal cases involve a number of complex factors, and in this respect a strong and effective advocate can be a critical asset. Heeney Vokey LLP’s employment lawyers provide clear and comprehensive advice to employees that is cost-effective, timely and ensures the achievement of an appropriate and just settlement in the circumstances.

Wrongful dismissal cases arise when an employer terminates an employee without reasonable notice or compensation in line with their legal entitlements. It can also arise when an employer terminates an employee for just cause without any notice or compensation at all, which requires the employer to prove the existence of serious misconduct.

Our Toronto-based lawyers provide employee clients with a full assessment of their rights and options. In all cases, it is important to consult an experienced professional. Our firm always endeavours to resolve matters with your former employer amicably through a negotiated settlement, but we also have the skill and expertise to litigate matters when that is in the best interest of the employee and the case.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist in any case of an anticipated wrongful dismissal.