Public service unions say federal government’s guidance on hybrid work flawed

By: Erika Ibrahim OTTAWA — Federal public service unions say the government’s plan to get employees back to the office is confusing, disjointed and jeopardizing health and safety. The Treasury Board of Canada released its guidelines on hybrid work arrangements in May, tasking government departments with deciding “whether the location of work can be [...]

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Ontario government facing calls for permanent sick day program to fight monkeypox

By: Maan Alhmidi TORONTO - Ontario’s government faced a call Tuesday to establish a permanent 10-day paid sick leave program in light of rising cases of monkeypox. Public Health Ontario reported 326 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the province as of Monday, up from 288 on Thursday. Those figures came as the Opposition New [...]

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Catholic nurse wins right to be exempted from COVID vaccine

By: Tom Blackwell Via The National Post Article content A Catholic nurse in Ontario had a right to a religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccination because of the “quite remote” link between the shots and aborted fetuses, an arbitrator has ruled in one of the first legal pronouncements on the issue. Pope Francis and other Catholic leaders [...]

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Bell Canada ordered to pay sick employee over $120,000 for ‘recklessly’ firing him

By: Christopher Nardi Via National Post Publishing date: Jul 12, 2022  •  1 week ago  •  4 minute read  •    Article content OTTAWA — A Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling excoriates Bell Canada and demands the company pay over $120,000 to a former employee who was fired because of unproven performance issues while he was recovering from cancer. In May [...]

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CP conductor who exposed colleagues to undeclared COVID-like symptoms for days was fired despite later testing negative

By: Christopher Nardi Via The National Post Jeff Reid was fired when the company found out he failed to report the symptoms and called the situation a 'joke' on social media, an arbitrator said Going to work with undeclared COVID-like symptoms can derail your career, a now former Canadian Pacific train conductor learned the [...]

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Sudbury nurse should have received religious exemption for COVID-19 vaccine, arbitrator rules

By Darren MacDonald Digital Content Producer A nurse at Public Health Sudbury & Districts should have received an exemption from getting the COVID-19 because of her Catholic beliefs, an Ontario arbitrator has ruled. The nurse was dismissed in 2021 after she refused the vaccine because she said it was tied to abortion. She [...]

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Many Ontario employers have to create policies to improve work-life balance soon. What will they look like?

By Abby Neufeld Many Ontario employers will soon have to craft policies detailing their employees rights to disconnect from the workplace outside of business hours, but as some of the first legislature of its kind in Canada, many businesses still have questions about what those policies could look like. In late November, the Ontario [...]

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Liberals eye easing access to maternity, parental leave in EI review, minister says

By The Canadian Press The minister in charge of Canada’s federal social safety net for workers says the government is looking at removing rules that make it difficult for some to get their full parental leave as part of a review of the employment insurance system. Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough says the issue is [...]

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Unvaccinated workers who lose jobs ineligible for EI benefits, minister says

By National Post Staff Jobless Canadians who refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19 could be shut out of unemployment benefits, warns Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough. Speaking to Canadian Press, Qualtrough said as long as there’s a public health emergency, unvaccinated workers who lose hours or their job may not be eligible for employment insurance [...]

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