Yellowknife aurora tour company denies allegations of worker exploitation

By Hilary Bird The owner of the Yellowknife tour company Aurora Story is denying allegations that the company exploited former employees and forced them to work and live in unsafe conditions. Aurora Story owner Evan Shi says the allegations, made by former employee Shao Yu, are completely false. In a CBC News article published Monday, [...]

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City of Burlington employee fired for using accessible parking spot at Costco

By Roland Cilliers A City of Burlington employee has been terminated after a municipal vehicle was parked in a wheelchair accessible space without a valid permit. On Feb. 1, a series of photos went viral of a Burlington city parking services vehicle parked at an accessible space at Costco. Vito Talone, director of transportation services [...]

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Human rights tribunal dismisses case of B.C. employee with latex, garlic and onion allergy

By Alyse Kotyk VANCOUVER -- A Burnaby woman's request to have a discrimination complaint reconsidered has been dismissed after she claimed her employer failed to accommodate her allergies to latex balloons, onions and garlic. According to a BC Human Rights Tribunal decision from earlier this month, Tracy Klewchuk has worked for the City of Burnaby [...]

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Manitoba Justice fighting $75k compensation to former employee harassed for being gay

By Caroline Barghout Awarding $75,000 to a former employee harassed for being gay — for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect under the Manitoba Human Rights Code — is "unjustifiable," Manitoba Justice says. Earlier this month, the province filed an application in the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench asking a judge to reduce the amount awarded to the former [...]

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Ontario bus driver asked to remove kilt was not victim of discrimination: Tribunal

By The Canadian Press Staff TORONTO -- A bus driver sent home to change out of the kilt he wore to work on a casual Friday was not a victim of anti-Scottish discrimination, Ontario's human rights tribunal has ruled. In its decision, the tribunal decided that Tracy Macdonnell had provided no evidence the directive from [...]

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All Carlton Cards and Papyrus stores closing within weeks

By Ryan Flanagan TORONTO -- The owner of greeting card retailers including Carlton Cards and Papyrus is closing all of its stores in North America, including 76 Canadian locations. Most of the closures will take place over the next four to six weeks, Schurman Retail Group CEO Dominique Schurman told in a statement. Another [...]

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Things Engraved fires retail employees at stores across Canada

By Graham Slaughter TORONTO -- A Canadian retailer that specializes in engraved gifts suddenly fired all of its store associates and most head office employees on Thursday, giving them less than 24 hours' notice and leaving customers with newly-engraved items in the lurch. “I engraved an engagement ring last night. There’s a memorial plate for [...]

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Arbitrator upholds decision to fire Calgary Transit bus driver who allegedly sexually harassed colleague

By Sarah Rieger An arbitrator has upheld the City of Calgary's decision to fire a Calgary Transit bus driver who allegedly sexually harassed his colleague, after the union grieved the man's dismissal. The bus driver had been employed with Transit for four-and-a-half years at the time of his dismissal, which happened two months after the incident. [...]

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Employee who got $6 BBQ sauce as holiday gift says he was fired for angry tweet

By Graham Slaughter TORONTO -- A Canadian man says he was fired from a job he held for six years because he complained on Twitter about receiving a $6 bottle of barbecue sauce as a holiday gift. Hussien Mehaidli, 27, worked as a general manager for Fastenal, a U.S.-based wholesaler of construction materials that operates [...]

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